MidAtlantic Ergsprints

2014 Erg Sprints - Saturday, February 1, 2014.

  • The MidAtlantic Erg Sprints is the largest qualifying event for the World Indoor Rowing Championships (CRASH-B).
  • More than 100 events for junior, college, masters and adaptive rowers.  Events for lightweights, coxswains, parent/child and kids.
  • Free Erg Sprints t-shirt for all competitors and medals for 1st-3rd place finishers.  Trophies for Club, Collegiate and High Schools (Juniors) teams.
  • Plenty of free parking.  Locker rooms and large warm-up room (80 ergs) for athletes.  The venue includes food, rowing jewelry, equipment and clothing vendors.


Lost and Found

Contact ergsprints@tcwcrew.org if you lost one of the items listed below.


  1. Nike navy blue Feather light Dri-Fit, adjustable
  2.  American Eagle Gray Nu-Fit


  1. Elevate Sport gray men’s partial zip “MHZ Networks”
  2.  North Face black fleece full zip, XXL
  3.  Champion black  full zip, lined, XXL
  4.  Roundtree & Yorke heavy shirt-coat, green denim and fleece lining, men’s large
  5.  Under Armour stretch poly black jacket with white piping and football insignia


  1. Champion gray hoodie, medium
  2.  Champion acid yellow hoodie, medium
  3.  Club Room, blue fleece, small


  1. New Balance small navy blue shorts
  2.  The Athletic Department black pants with white stripes, large
  3.  Lululemon black stretch pants with green waist
  4.  Jerzees  NUBlend  gray pants w/ Mclean HS red lettering, small


  1. Hard case for Beats Executive headphones
  2.  Lululemon Athletica red tote bag
  3.  HP electric cord and charger


2014 Erg Sprints Photos - Now Posted

You can now view and purchase photos from:

Power 10 Photography


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